• “Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”
    – David Richo
  • Achieving balance
    by integrating mind and body
  • Together we create positive changeslider1


“Dr. Katja Pohl was a student in my Advanced Psychopathology class in the first year of her coursework. She was far and away the top student in the class. Not only is she intellectually gifted, but she also possesses great capacity for insight and empathy. These are qualities that are paramount in the making of an excellent psychotherapist. I would happily refer clients – even family members – to Katja, knowing that they would be well cared for and effectively treated.”

Jim Graves, PhD, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct Professor

“Dr. Katja Pohl is an insightful, warm, and kind therapist. Through Katja’s life experience and clinical expertise, she creates a safe place for her client to bring up vulnerable topics like trauma and abuse. Katja is not only reliable and knowledgeable, but peaceful to be around. If you have struggled with making the call to start your journey of personal growth and healing, Katja will make the process less scary through her patience with the therapeutic process and respect for each individual clients pace.”

Avery Ullman, M.A., Psychotherapist

“Dr. Pohl has been a colleague of mine for the past several years and I feel very lucky to continue to work closely with her. She is not only an incredibly empathic and insightful therapist, but she possesses the unique capacity to meet her clients where they are while creating a safe space to do hard work. Every time I refer a client to Dr. Pohl I am confident that they will find their work with her both meaningful and transformational.”

Kelly Mothner, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“I have known and worked closely with Katja for 6 years. She takes a compassionate and thorough approach, and has particular expertise in heart disease and chronic illness. Katja strives to understand her clients on a deep level, and is a thoughtful and effective therapist, who has been a pleasure to collaborate with.”

Alexandra Emmons, Psy.D.

“Dr. Katja Pohl was a bright and talented student while attending the California School of Professional Psychology. She is now a valued colleague.”

Randy Noblitt, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology

“Katja has provided guidance to me over the last decade. She has a logical, grounded and sensitive approach to helping people work through decisions. I have always felt supported by Katja in my life choices, yet she is not afraid to provide gentle redirection towards other solutions when she sees the opportunity to help. What amazes me about Katja is that even with a busy schedule she goes above and beyond to regularly check in on my well-being. And my favorite quality of hers is that she is an excellent listener … I feel that she is truly actively listening to me every time I speak … she is always focused on the present and never distracted by outside stimuli when tending to my needs. I highly recommend Katja to help anyone navigate through the challenges of life … big or small.”


“I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Pohl for over a year now.  She is one of the brightest clinicians I have worked with in my 13 years of working in mental health, and can expertly navigate meeting individual needs with effective treatment plans.  This often blends her warmth, compassion and intelligence into meeting clients where they are at to best serve them, and contributes to an experience of being truly helped in meaningful ways.”

Owen Petersen, Ph.D.