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Beating Addiction In The Industry

As a transplant to Los Angeles, it took some time to understand “The Industry” and the life associated with it. It looks glamorous to many but it is a very hard world, with lots of pressures, expectations, very high stress, and often drugs and alcohol. The amount of people struggling with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse in our entertainment industry is concerning and explains why there are hundreds of inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities.

Intensive treatment can be necessary at first and help in getting clean/sober; however, the long-term involvement in AA or a non-spiritual program in conjunction with therapy is ultimately what keeps people clean. Therapy is an essential part in recovery. It provides a place to explore one’s drug, prescription drug and alcohol use, one’s resistance to giving it up, and managing sobriety. It is so hard to accept a drug problem and it is even harder to address it. Recovery takes time, is a very difficult process and often very painful.

Working with a therapist or a psychologist helps you manage the stress of the industry, anxiety of having to perform at such a high level, insecurities, and ways to socialize in the same circle of importance without needing to use.

Please feel free to call with questions or for support, (310) 709-4582! For information on how to find your Los Angeles Addiction Psychologist, please explore this website to see if I am a good fit for you.