• “Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”
    – David Richo
  • Achieving balance
    by integrating mind and body
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In order to provide therapy to a wider client base, I have added three psychological assistants to my practice. Meet Chris and Sourena, two well trained and very compassionate therapists.


Christopher Marquart, Psy.D. – Psychological Assistant, PSB 94022615

Our lives are made up of experiences that shape who we are and how we look at the world. Often these experiences give us a sense of strength and direction in our lives, but other times we are confronted with obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals or make us question our direction. Therapy provides a space to explore these obstacles, and create an understanding of how to work through them leading to more satisfying experiences and more confidence in your direction in life.

Sometimes these obstacles are unexpected life changes and sometimes they come from past experiences of varying degrees of trauma. Therefore therapy can vary in length from a period of weeks, months, or even longer depending on what you feel is helpful to you. I firmly believe that the relationship created between a client and therapist is crucial for any successful therapy and I will take the time to understand you and your experiences, work to build your trust, and provide an environment in which you feel supported in our work together.

Through the relationship we build we can explore patterns in your life that have helped you achieve your goals as well as those that may be ultimately working against you, but may be difficult to recognize. Gaining a deeper sense of who you are through exploring your experiences and enhancing your capacity for self-reflection are important parts of therapy that can help you work through obstacles and life changes, but also provide a framework for making more substantial changes allowing you to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.  

I am a post-doctoral graduate student on my way to becoming a fully licensed psychologist. I am employed and supervised by Dr. Katja Pohl. My experience includes working with children and adults of all ages on issues including varying degrees of anxiety and depression, trauma, grief and loss, life transitions, relationships, and the unavoidable trauma of everyday life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Finding a therapist who is the right fit for you is not always easy, and I would be happy to provide a brief consultation by phone when available: (262) 607-2226.


Sourena Haj-Mohamadi, Ph.D. – Psychological Assistant, PSB 94022596

Life can be challenging at times with the demands of today’s day and age. Therapy can be the place to tackle those challenges in order to improve overall health and well being through personal growth. Through therapy, one can process and focus on what is most important to them, which will help guide and create a healthy lifestyle.

I believe in a collaborative, creative and respectful approach to therapy for all of my clients. My area of specialty lies in working with adolescents, adults and couples from various backgrounds. I have primarily worked with clients from all walks of life. Mostly, I have worked with individuals who had relationship related issues, academic stress, adjustments to major life events, depression, anxiety, body image, and eating disorders. Also I provide therapy in both English and Farsi.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the therapeutic services that I can provide for you. Finding the right therapist to help you through this personal journey can be difficult and challenging. I am more than happy to answer any questions that you might have before embarking on this path to personal growth and well being. You may reach me by phone at: (424) 645-7121.